Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I think its time for a Thankful list...
  • watching my daughter play softball...and seeing how much she has grown as a player since last season.
  • 13 more school days until summer vacation for the kids
  • my new bookshelf
  • cozy mysteries
  • long phone calls with my Mom who is also one of my best friends
  • decluttering the house
  • forthcoming long weekend with my husband
  • watching my kids sleep
  • new friends for both my children...
  • Ice cream after softball...at the same stand my Dad went to as a child.
  • Revgals
  • coffee

bonus cute thing that happened yesterday...daughter came home from school with a piece of construction paper in her back pack on which she had written..."you are invited to a pool party at A>>>> house on June 20" and she had listed about 20 kids names on it...there's only one problem with that...we don't have a pool. :)

Thursday, May 08, 2008


***Sorry I haven't posted in so long ***

I had vivid nightmares last night. In all of them I was running and trying to escape something.
This is the one I remember the most...I was sitting in a church with my kids waiting for the service to start when all of a sudden I felt terrified. Then the doors to the church burst open and "something" evil came in ( I cannot be more descriptive because I don't remember if I actually saw this thing or just knew it was there)...All that I do know is that it was urgent that my kids and I get out and hide now...I grabbed their hands and ran and ran down a maze of hallways to get to the exit. When we got there I pushed the doors open only to find another set of doors, and another, and another, until finally we were outside and able to hide...then I woke up...
I don't know if it has any meaning, but I do know that has left me with a jumpy, anxious feeling in the pit of my stomach...